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Drug Rehabilitation centre in DELHI NCR

Start your recovery with the No.1 Rehabilitation Center in Delhi

The Happy Tree is the best Drug Rehabilitation centre in New Delhi NCR. We have been providing exceptional mental health and deaddiction services since it was founded by Dr. Anuneet Sabharwal in New Delhi, India in 2016. A treatment center for smack de-addiction, and drug rehabilitation at New Delhi, India. Our claim to fame, “The Happy Tree Method”, is our unique approach toward de-addiction and mental healthcare delivery. We specialize in evidence-based Psychiatric, Psychological and Social interventions for these indications. The professional staff at The Happy Tree is qualified, highly experienced, and employed after extensive background and compliance checks. The result is uncompromised, unparalleled service. What sets us apart is our commitment to providing treatment in a friendly, caring, and most importantly, non-judgemental environment.



Being a Rehabilitation centre in Delhi NCR, India we are proud of our quality services. Our approach is to not only focus on Detoxification, Counselling, Rehabilitation, and 12 Step Facilitation but also on treatment with medicines, vitamins and trace elements, nutraceuticals, and diet normalization, to achieve maximum gain from inpatient treatment. This inclusive approach has been scientifically proven to yield remarkable results. Our cutting-edge services come at an unbelievably low cost, making de-addiction and mental healthcare high quality yet affordable. 


The Happy Tree has triple sharing, double sharing, and single rooms with attached bathrooms (depending on location). We also have a 100% vegetarian kitchen and adequate space for leisure activities at all our locations. Patients and Therapists work together on Individual Counselling and Group Therapy sessions to help them stay motivated to change their lives. In addition to regular visits by a Psychiatrist and General physician, specialist doctors are available for reference on call. Blood sample picks up for investigations advised by our panel doctors are available as well.  Should an unexpected medical emergency arise, The Happy Tree has appropriate tie-ups for ambulation of the patient to a tertiary care center. 


Unlike other facilities, we encourage independence and do not impose strict schedules on patients, although most patients are occupied by various activities organized by the center on a day-to-day basis. Regular communication with the patient’s family is our top priority, and the treatment course is discussed with both patients and their families. Our facilities, however, do not allow patients to carry their mobile phones during their stay at The Happy Tree, due to the risk of procurement of substances.

Why Choose The Happy Tree

Why we're different

Services And Treatments

  • Co-Occurring Disorder Treatment

  • Safe Medical Detox

  • Addiction Focused Healthcare

  • Inpatient Residential

  • Laboratory Testing

  • Teleconsultations

  • Outpatient Treatment

Groups And Activities

  • Group Therapy

  • 12-Step Groups

  • Art and/or Music Activities

  • Yoga and Meditation

  • Stress Management

  • Mindfulness Training


  • Treatment Medications

  • Proven Addiction Therapies

  • Trauma-Based Therapies

  • One-on-One Counseling

  • Family Therapy

Living Areas

  • Indoor Recreational Activities Areas

  • Outdoor Recreational Activities Areas

  • Community Space

  • Activities And Amenities

  • Gym/Fitness Area

  • Nutritionally Balanced Meals

Rehabilitation centre in DELHI NCR
Best Rehabilitation centre New Delhi

About The Founder​​

India's leading De-addiction and Mental Health Expert, Dr. Anuneet Sabharwal frequently appears in Newspapers, Magazines, Television, Radio Channels and Social Media as an expert for discussions on such issues. He is visible across the country at Schools, Colleges, and Conferences, sharing his experiences and interacting with students and professionals on such matters.


Dr. Sabharwal has worked extensively in the field of de-addiction and mental healthcare since 2011. His passion led him to found The Happy Tree in 2016. His pioneering approach towards holistic management of patients, rightly termed “The Happy Tree Method”, has made us the most sought after name in our field of work.

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