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Maintaining a Positive and Healthy Outlook on Life after 60!

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

"Aging is an extraordinary process where you become the person you should have always been." —David Bowie

Life after 60 can be a time of great fulfilment and enjoyment. Many people find that they have more time and freedom to pursue their interests and hobbies, and may even spend more time with family and friends. Some people may choose to travel or take up new activities, while others may prefer to focus on their health and wellness. Spouses usually find that they are able to connect and spend time with each other a lot more as they age since their children have now flown out of the nest.

old couple similing

This period is one when a person starts noticing changes in their body with respect to physical and mental health, changes in the things and hobbies they find pleasure in. The person starts experiencing memory loss, difficulty speaking and expressing their feelings, and suffering from different kinds of illnesses as he/ she ages. This may often demotivate them, thus impacting their mental health as well.

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Regardless of what changes old age may bring forth, it is important for a person to stay engaged and active. Research has shown that people who remain active and engaged in life tend to live longer, happier lives. This can include physical activity, social engagement, and mental stimulation through activities like reading, learning, and problem-solving.

It is also important to focus on your physical and mental health as you age. This includes maintaining a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, taking care of any chronic health conditions, staying connected to others, and seeking out social support when needed. Overall, life after 60 can be a time of great opportunity and fulfilment. With the right mindset and approach, you can continue to live a meaningful and fulfilling life as you age.

Here are some tips for maintaining a positive outlook on life after 60

Stay Active and Engaged

Find activities that you enjoy and that keep you moving. Going for a brisk walk, finding a senior exercise program in the area, gardening, or joining a club are some of the ways in which an elderly person can remain active during and after their 60s.

old couple exercising

Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Eating a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean meat can give a person’s immune system a boost and can protect their bodies against harmful viruses and bacteria. Getting regular exercise, and taking care of any chronic health conditions that a person may have will also help in keeping his/her body fit during old age.

Stay Connected

It is important to cultivate and maintain relationships with friends and family, and seek out new social connections if needed as a person ages. While remaining connected with family and friends over social media or voice/ video calls now and then would help a person feel safe and close to them, engaging with the community is also a vital component of successful aging.

women gardening

Find Purpose and Meaning

Consider what gives your life meaning and purpose, and pursue those things with passion and dedication. Connecting with other people who also share your interests would be a great way to expand the social circle and a lot more motivating to pursue a hobby. Things that can give a person meaning could even be something as simple as gardening or baking.

Practice Gratitude

Focusing on the things a person has to be thankful for, rather than dwelling on negative thoughts or circumstances would help him/ her stay and feel happier and content as they age. Gratitude for even the simplest of things could be practised by maintaining a journal, complimenting others, saying “thank you” at least once a day, smiling more, and appreciating the beauty in even the smallest things.

Take care of your Mental Health

Seek support if you are struggling with feelings of anxiety or depression. Understandably, expressing a person’s feelings becomes a slightly tougher task as they age. However, if not addressed, it may take a toll on their mental health. It is okay to ask for help during old age. There are several support groups as well that help people from the same age group to engage in activities that help in keeping them active and happy. Joining such groups would also help an individual make new friends.

people at support groups

No matter what your age, it is important to look after your health, body, and mind. It might get overwhelming for a person to see their life slowly change from someone who was independent with responsibilities to bear to becoming more dependent on others, not as energetic and physically able as before, and having too much leisure time on their hands. However, the key to maintaining a positive outlook on life after 60 is to stay active and engaged, taking care of his/ her physical and mental health, and embracing the new challenges and changes that life could bring after their 60s.

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