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24- Hour Monitoring

Our clients are supervised around the clock by the trained professionals to ensure their comfort and safety during their stay

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Progressive Pharmacotherapy

At our facilities, clients are carefully evaluated to determine whether they might benefit from pharmaceutical treatment for any mental health disorders

De Addiction centre in DELHI NCR

Healing Environment 

The healing atmosphere at our facilities replaces chaos with serenity

Drug Rehabilitation centre in DELHI NCR

Withdrawal Management

Makes the symptoms of withdrawal negligible and minimises cravings

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Supportive Community

Clients are able to form meaningful and healthy friendships with other residents who share similar goals

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Nutritional Support

We emphasise restoring physical energy and mental clarity through a balanced diet

Deaddiction And Mental Health Hospital in DELHI NCR


The Happy Tree is the best De-addiction and Mental Health Hospital in Delhi NCR. Our centre was founded as a De-addiction and Mental Health Clinic (and then Hospital) in New Delhi, India in the year 2016 by Dr. Anuneet Sabharwal. 


Our vision is to deliver exceptional de-addiction and mental healthcare services. Our claim to fame, “The Happy Tree Method”, is our unique approach toward de-addiction and mental healthcare delivery.

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Why Choose Us

The dedication, method, and process we use to cure patients have made all of our patients satisfied. As part of our treatment, we address all aspects of the detoxification process including withdrawal symptoms, and ensure the patient is completely detoxified. In our mission to provide complete detoxification, we have gained a reputation as one of the best De Addiction Treatment Center in DELHI NCR

  • Thousands of satisfied patients and their families

  • Decades of experience

  • Founded by India’s leading Psychiatrist

  • Team approach 

  • Treatment tailored to your needs

  • Confidentiality

  • Accessible, flexible and committed

Guidelines Compliant


All our facilities are compliant with the prevailing local government guidelines for establishing a rehabilitation centre.


Mission Statement


To use state of the art protocols using cutting edge technology. 

To provide exceptional, preventive and rehabilitative de-addiction and mental health services that are personalised and affordable.


Our Vision


To become the gold standard in de-addiction and mental healthcare services globally.

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Addictions are tremendously growing and the fact that youth is more engaged in this shifts the future of the nation into risk.

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“I have spent most of my life trying to shatter the walls of stigma that surround issues of addiction and mental illness. I have traveled throughout my country and addressed schools, colleges and corporate bodies. I feel it is imperative that our youth be in tune with their mental health, and seek help at the earliest.


Substance use has seen an unprecedented rise in the last 20 years, and high quality de-addiction facilities are few and far between. Early help in this regard, is key to nipping it in the bud. At The Happy Tree, our novel approach towards addiction and mental healthcare sets us apart. Our institution derives its work ethics and standard of care from my own experience in dealing with clients throughout my career.

It is always a pleasure to hear from clients who have taken our help and are doing well in life. This motivates me to keep working harder to make the Happy Tree the very best in its category.


Dr. Anuneet Sabharwal

Nasha mukti Kendra in DELHI NCR